Decentralized perpetual exchange
OpenWorld is a decentralized perpetual exchange that aims to provide crypto community derivative exposure to not only cryptoassets but also wider financial products and assets that have been developed from the traditional finance space.
Trading is facilitated by counter-positioned asset pools that are either single-asset or multi-asset that earns yields through leveraged funding interests and trading fees. The pools are positioned to absorb trades from traders and thus make a profit when traders close transactions at a loss and take a loss when traders close transactions at a profit.
As a technological facilitator for decentralized trading: (1) Create perpetual products that traders use to hedge or speculate, (2) Create liquidity pools that liquidity providers can stake assets that is needed to facilitate trading, OpenWorld does not take position on any side. Everyone can participate in either side of the mechanism. As a decentralized project, all codes and positions, are viewable, verifiable, and auditable on-chain.
Dynamic pricing is supported by Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.

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