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About US

Who We Are

OpenWorld is a blockchain enabled open metaverse with a sound circular economy based on real monetary flow.

What We Dream

OpenWorld envisions to open a new dimension for everyone to connect, play, express themselves, and find happiness.

What We Stand For

[Thinking] Thinking Big - We find inspirations in working with cutting edge technologies to build things that are on the next frontier of humanity development.
[Action] Laser Focus on One Thing - Each of us focus solely on doing one thing at a time and make sure that one thing is right and is done right.
[People] Awesome People - We want to be the best version of ourselves and work with the best people on the planet on what we find exciting and meaningful about.

Product Concept


Current GameFi and DeFi models face the problem of half-solved business model: it is technically doable to build a platform for play-to-earn for GameFi and high-yield provider for DeFi, but leave the question of who, or which source of money, will ultimately pay for those gamers and yield-seekers unanswered. Thus leaving these GameFi and DeFi models unsustainable in the long-run and are bounced to collapse.


OpenWorld focuses on building a metaverse world with the combination 3 aspects: Gaming, Social, and Finance, that is carefully designed to have a balanced and sound in-game circular economy that generates real monetary flows enabled by $OPEN token.

Product Principles

We want to build a gaming metaverse that has:
  • [Finance] Balanced circular economy.
  • [Game] Interesting and simple game interactions.
  • [Art] Beautiful and distinct design: visual and sound.

Product Limitations

  • Focus 100% on optimizing (visual, gameplay) on 2D mobile as of now.
    • Marketing aspect: Can start having artist(s) to develop 3D Concepts (Q3-2022) and work on Unreal Engine 5 to build visual about what we can develop on later phases.

Product Description

OpenWorld’s metaverse is a mobile-based, cross-platform, blockchain enabled distinct digital world. Everyone can join and each persona will have a distinct digital identity. Players can engage in various P2E and PvP games to enjoy and make money. Game producers can create games and sell passes to gamers who want play their games. Artists can build their own brands and open their own shops, design in-game clothing and items, then sell those to highest bidders. Landlords can buy and monetize on virtual lands by reselling those lands or renting the place out for short or long term renters. Virtual architects and home builders will be able to design and build buildings that are so beautiful and special that they can’t exist in the real world for landowners to do their own things: either it is shops, nightclubs, restaurants, observatories, battle arenas, DeFi banks, etc.
OpenWorld strives to create a foundation for a game world that works: anyone can join, become anything they want to be, create products and services that sell for real money, and enjoy their own existence in a virtual world and community that is at the frontier of gaming and social network.
At the heart of the product, OpenWorld’s team focuses on solving 2 things:
  • Game Design: Build a world that is exciting that people want to spend time in.
  • Economic Design: Ensure the in-game economic functions well by enabling the flows of money among participants. Creating a common in-game marketplace for people all over the world to come to build, sell, consume, and live off well in real life by participating in the digital economy.


OpenWorld’s metaverse will be an open-world to other metaverse projects and work toward achieving technical interoperability: If you buy an NFT yacht somewhere and it is interoperable to our world, you can bring it on and chill on its deck.
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