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Buy Token: OPEN and OAP

OPEN is the governance token, OAP is the OpenWorld Asset Pool token

Getting into Crypto

As a decentralized exchange with no custody function, you will trade directly from your wallet and have full control of your fund. In order to trade, you need to have a crypto wallet yet, you can use MetaMask (or any other crypto wallet such as SafePal or Trust Wallet):

Connecting Your Wallet

After you have a wallet, you can connect your wallet by pressing the "Connect Wallet" button on the OpenWorld Trade page [Link]
If you see the message asking you to "Add Binance Smart Chain" to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to your wallet, please click on the link.
Alternatively, you can manually add the Binance Smart Chain network through this Binance Academy instruction: [Link]

Acquire Chain Native Token

As all trading and transactions happen on-chain and directly interacting with your wallet, you will need native token of the chain to pay gas fee. At the current moment, OpenWorld only operate in BSC (with HarmonyONE to be added next), thus you will need to acquire some BNB to pay gas fee in order to make transactions.
The best way to buy BNB is to buy directly from Decentralized Exchanges that have the most liquidity on BSC, for that we recommend PancakeSwap (Link).

The OPEN Token

Token can be purchased directly through Decentralize Exchanges such as PancakeSwap, 1Inch, or BogSwap.
Owning OPEN means you are a contributor and a community member of the project. Through voting, you can approve or deny changes that we later on introduce to the project.

Stake OPEN for stOPEN

In order to access into revenue makes by OpenWorld protocol, you need to stake your OPEN. After you stake OPEN through our Stake Page, you will receive stOPEN as a proof of stake. The stOPEN you hold is a gateway for you to earn revenue from OpenWorld protocol during the specific monthly time period when you stake. If you stake OPEN after the earning period has started, you are not eligible to receive a share of your earnings through your stOPEN. If you unstake your OPEN before the earning period ends, you are not eligible to receive a share of your earnings through your stOPEN. Notice: we're not emitting a Transfer event to the zero address here since shares burn works by redistributing the amount of tokens corresponding to the burned shares between all other token holders. The total supply of the token doesn't change as the result. This is equivalent to performing a send from address to each other token holder address, but we cannot reflect this as it would require sending an unbounded number of events.

The OAP Token

OAP is proof of stake of index assets that are contained within OpenWorld's asset pools. The assets that are staked for OAP are used for trading. OAP can be minted using any index asset and burnt to redeem any index asset at any time. To unstake OAP, key in the amount of OAP to be unstaked and redeem accordingly. Note that the fees distributed are based on the number after deducting referral rewards and the network costs of keepers, keeper costs are usually around 1% of the total fees.
Staked OAP token address (BSC): [Link]
As is noted on the Tokenomics page, OAP is chain-specific, which means that OAP from BSC Network cannot be transferred to HarmonyONE Network, for example, and redeemed for HarmonyONE index assets.

Dynamic Rebalancing

OAP's liquidity pools are targeted to balance around certain weights among its assets. These weights are not static and are dynamically adjusted according to market positions of traders. The token weights can be viewed in real-time at [OAP Asset Pools Link]. The reason for rebalancing is to position and hedge the OAP liquidity pools from traders skewed exposure (collectively overly long or overly short) and thus reduce synthetic exposure of OAP holders to market directional risk.

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