Help & FAQ
OpenWorld’s metaverse is a mobile-based, cross-platform, blockchain enabled distinct digital world. Everyone can join and each persona will have a distinct digital identity. Players can engage in various P2E and PvP games to enjoy and make money. Game producers can create games and sell passes to gamers who want play their games. Artists can build their own brands and open their own shops, design in-game clothing and items, then sell those to highest bidders. Landlords can buy and monetize on virtual lands by reselling those lands or renting the place out for short or long term renters. Virtual architects and home builders will be able to design and build buildings that are so beautiful and special that they can’t exist in the real world for landowners to do their own things: either it is shops, nightclubs, restaurants, observatories, battle arenas, DeFi banks, etc.
  • Native crypto token: OPEN
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Initial investment required: Users will need to purchase around 0.2 BNB to play and pay for transaction fees in-game
OPEN is needed to make all transactions in the OpenWorld App. You can purchase OPEN at any number of decentralized exchanges, like Pancakeswap . Every transaction on BSC also requires the BNB token to process a trade. Gas fees are required to make any transaction while playing. A base amount of OPEN will be required to begin.
We recommend users keep a decent amount of BNB in their wallet to play. 0.16 BNB is the recommended amount to sustain a player for one week of play.
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