OpenWorld Team

Bets into OpenWorld project with everything we have
OpenWorld has 10+ team members in a group of diverse and complemented backgrounds: computer science, venture capital, private equity, digital media, and business operation. The core team knows each other personally and have worked together for 10+ years over various ups and downs in multinational firms as well as high growth VC-backed startups.
We experience first hand short-coming of DeFi and GameFi through projects we built on, for example DeFi solves the depository issue by offering high yields, however DeFi protocols in the market lack a channel to direct those funds into value creating projects in order to make even higher yields to pay back the depositors. The state of the DeFi market even as of today is still very circular inside the crypto space, mainly there is a lack of a connection and channel of funds, equity and debt, between the crypto world and the real world, making adoption to mainstream a challenge for crypto technology.
Still, we also acknowledge the power of blockchain in decentralizing finance and create, for the first time in human history, authentic and true digital ownership with digital assets. Shaken by the recent collapse of FTX and risks of centralized finance continue to bring to users as well as inspired by developments from DeFi space from DEX to innovative perpetual trading exchanges, we think of building OpenWorld to be a financial house. This is our effort to bring the beauties of what the financial industry has developed throughout hundreds of years into crypto space and do it in a decentralized way. Finance is an extremely complicated area and so is blockchain. The most difficult breakthrough that blockchain needs to do is to offer real value and tangle with real life, into the people of the main streets. Thus we hope OpenWorld to play a role in that breakthrough, connecting people from crypto area to financial assets developed from traditional finance space. Bring blockchain technology to the finance industry. Provide opportunities and risks from financial assets that are not easily approachable (such as exposure to US indexes) to many people on the planet with just a smart device, internet connection, and a crypto wallet.
That is the quest of democratizing finance.

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