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A broad view about how OpenWorld team navigate and build the protocol
This roadmap serves as a guideline on how we approach and build OpenWorld, during implementation of the projects, the market condition will change and will affect how we view what needs to be done and how priority they are. Thus milestones might be changed and adjust along the way.

Phase 1 - Build the Basics of OpenWorld Derivative DEX

  • Milestone 1 - Portal for decentralized margin trading.
  • Milestone 2 - Liquidity pool creating.
  • Milestone 3 - Asset offered to trade, starting with BTC.
  • Milestone 4 - Expansion to ETH and possible more assets to trade.
  • Milestone 5 - OAP asset pool dynamic rebalancing calibration.
  • Milestone 6 - Swap function (spot market) integration.

Phase 2 - Horizontally Expand to Different Chains and Tradable Assets

  • Milestone 1 - Expansion to further tradable assets, prioritize most liquid and largest cap cryptoassets first.
  • Milestone 2 - Bridging to HarmonyONE.
  • Milestone 2 - Bridging to other chains beyond BSC and HarmonyONE.

Phase 3 - Expand to Non-Crypto and Build Decentralized Social Platform for Traders

  • Milestone 1 - Expansion to further tradable assets from global equity, debt, and commodity market.
  • Milestone 2 - Creating a social network for traders to share, follow, and communicate to each other.
  • Milestone 3 - Offering value added products such as trade replicating for leading traders to monetize their trading skills and followers to benefit from top traders' capability.

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