OpenWorld has a dual token model, with token OPEN serves as the governance token and token OAP (OpenWorld Asset Pool) serves as the depository token represents ownership of the LP pools

Governance Token

The governance token of OpenWorld is OPEN (BSC Contract Address: 0x27a339d9b59b21390d7209b78a839868e319301b, [BSC Link]). All holders of OPEN can vote on changes of the protocol with one OPEN represents one vote. OPEN holders can also stake OPEN to receive sOPEN, holders of sOPEN is entitled to 30% share of the profit generates from the protocol. sOPEN holders can also vote on changes of the protocol similarly to OPEN holders with voting power of sOPEN to OPEN as 1:1.
OPEN has a limit supply of 100M and is distributed as follows (as of 2022 Nov 24th):
Total OPEN tracked in BSC: 60M (deployable: 55M)
Total OPEN tracked in HarmonyONE: 15M (deployable: 14.4M)
Total OPEN float on both BSC and HarmonyONE: 25M

Liquidity Provider Token

The liquidity provider token of OpenWorld is OAP. OAP represents proof of depository and ownership in the asset pools that it is minted from. OAP can be minted using any asset in the liquidity pool and burnt to redeem any asset from the liquidity pool. The price of OAP is calculated by the total value of the liquidity pool including marked-to-market profits and losses of open positions divided by the total OAP supply.
As OAP provides liquidity for traders by taking counter-position of the traders, OAP makes a profit when traders make a loss and vice versa. OAP is entitled to 70% of the profit generates from the chain-specific OpenWorld protocol (i.e. BSC OAP is entitled to 70% of profit generates from trading activities facilitated by OpenWorld in Binance Smart Chain specifically, BSC OAP has no bearing to profits or losses from let say HarmonyONE OAP).

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